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DUST IN THE WIND:foggyhaley

Dust In The Wind is my second story on here and my first one to feature a supernatural element. It’s centered around Haley Andrews, a young woman with a unique gift, which she learns to use to help people move on after a loss. This story will follow her as she solves mysteries and gives people closure, as well as how she comes to terms with what she can do and finds out more and more information about the bigger picture.

  • EPISODE ONE: Haley Andrews is telling the story of how one day changed her life forever. After a strange encounter at her waitressing job, she is now faced with the knowledge of what happens after death, and also with the responsibility of helping those who are lost move on. The soul in need turns out to be a young woman who died too early, under circumstances that aren’t fully revealed yet.
  • EPISODE TWO: Just as things are getting more overwhelming for Haley with her gift, she meets a mysterious ghost from a different time period, who seems to know a lot of helpful information about the afterlife. This soul may have more in common with Haley than she’s letting on, and in the process she is also hiding a dark part of the small town’s history…